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How to setup a shopify store

You can hire our dedicated Shopify developer to customization your Shopify eCommerce store

Shopify ecommerce solutions

We provide end-to-end Shopify eCommerce solutions from installation and configuration to integration.

Shopify App Development

You get a unique solution for accessing multiple functions with the app integration feature of Shopify store

Shopify Theme Development

You can hire Shopify theme developers for custom Shopify theme development our dedicated Shopify developers have good years

Maintenance & Support

You hire our Shopify Web Developers to do the tweaks needed every time with the updated technology Managing your e-commerce

Integration services

We offer a wide range of integration services including, third-party apps, API integration, payment gateway integration, and many more.

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Our Shopify Apps

super pinch and zoom
Luxury product images view, lightbox, pinch, and zoom

Super Pinch & Zoom

Proof customers "Zoom in on the product image"

  1. About 95% of customers "Zoom in on the product image" before making a purchase.

  2. 93% of customers will "Zoom in on the product image" of local businesses to determine its quality.

  3. 72% of customers won’t take any buying actions until they’ve "Zoom in on the product image".

3000+ Stores have found success with Super pinch and Zoom easy-to-build Zoom platform, making us the most trusted zoom and light box app in the world

Product feature image app GreatsHub Light Box works variant images with light box zoom., so your images change when you select the color/size variants still you can view full screens images. When you will scroll the window then auto pop up close.

GreatsHub Rewards & Loyalty
Customer program for Loyalty, Rewards, Points & Referrals

GreatsHub Rewards & Loyalty

500+ Shopify brands have found success with GreatsHub: Rewards & Loyalty. easy-to-build loyalty and referral platform, making us the most trusted rewards and loyalty app in the world

Rewards & Loyalty build an engaging and modern rewards program experience that seamlessly aligns with your existing brand. Loyalty programs to encourage points, rewards and referral. Enhancement conversions with point allow and reward your customers in our loyalty program. Engage customers with loyalty & rewards programs. build your strong customer relationships using branded GreatsHub: Rewards & Loyalty.

GreatsHub: Rewards & Loyalty: strengthen the customer-brand relationships, increase repeat purchases, boost engagement using convertible loyalty points.

Super Announcement Bar
Shipping Calculator Cart, Announcement Bars and Notification

Super Announcement Bar

500+ Stores have found success with Super Announcement Bar easy-to-build Announcement Bar setting platform, making us the most trusted Announcement Bar + Free Shipping Calculator app in the world.


About Super Announcement Bar and Bar title notification. "GreatsHub: Shipping Calculator" called new name "Super Announcement Bar" GreatsHub allows you to create fully custom shipping boxes in your store that create the need to add more products to get free shipping.

How does the Super Announcement Bar feature work exactly?
Super Announcement Bar is two type. By quantity and amount.


Why should you choose Shopify?

  • Customizable templates
  • Easy to use CMS
  • Customized reporting
  • Efficient online marketing
  • Highly secure
  • Flexible & scalable

How it Works

Our dedicated apps development team can build custom apps for Shopify - or any platform, for that matter. We can build a solution for your website, no matter which system you use.

Got an idea for an app?

Our GreatsHub development team can also build apps for you to list and sell in the Shopify store under your brand name.

Case Study:app development

This is one of our favorite custom apps we’ve developed outside of Shopify. The requirement for any feature according to your service.

Case Study: Clicksit

Clicksit provides an out-of-the-box, cross-carrier, ecommerce returns solution for retailers of all sizes.


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